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Add On Courses

The college intends to prepare teachers armed with 21st Century Skills. In order to expose our students to upskill not only in teaching but in various other skills also, the college provides the following ADD ON COURSES.

1. Yoga

Yoga is an age-old art, science philosophy and practice. This is meant for physical, mental and spiritual upliftment. Yoga has a message for the human body, mind and the spirit. A healthy body is the prime requisite for success and happiness in life. A modern teacher has to be fit and fine, with this intention yoga course has been designed for students.

2. Creative Crafts

The course introduces student teachers to the basics of a number of craft activities which could be cherished and effectively used in the course of teaching. Ideally, craft is associated with primary school teachers. However, owing to the dynamic nature of the present era’s schooling system, it is essential that even future secondary and higher secondary school teachers be trained in crafts. 

3. Integrating Technology in Education

The college offers a special training for the prospective teachers in effective use of technology in teaching learning and evaluation. The course is specially designed to cater to the needs of educational institutions in a techno-savvy world. The course is transacted using practical hand-on activities and assignments which relate to the responsible use of technology in the classroom.

4. Models of Teaching

A teacher has to constantly reinvent herself and the curriculum transaction. A constant reflection on the wheels of teaching will surely help the teacher to cater to individual differences. With the goal of providing the strongest positive effect on student achievement while keeping in line with the current emphasis on innovation-based education, Models of Teaching pairs rationale and research with real-world examples and applications to provide a strong foundation for future and new educators. Models represent the broadest level of instructional practices and present a philosophical orientation to instruction. Models are used to select and to structure teaching strategies, methods, skills, and student activities for a particular instructional emphasis.

5. Learning Language Digitally

A short term certificate course for prospective teachers. This is an integrated course in spoken English offered as an Add on course free of cost to all students. It helps learners to go through rigorous blended learning. The course aims at exposure, confidence-building and practice of English Language. The first step in learning English is to ensure that adequate exposure is received by the learner.

6. Innovative Strategies of Teaching

Teachers are performers and the classroom is a theatre. This course equips the student teachers with a platter of innovative pedagogies. It creates teachers who are inventive and creative – where they continue to discover and devise new methods and content to ensure that students always get the best learning experiences.