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Re-accredited 'A' Grade By NAAC.
Our Vision: To Emerge as a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Preparing Teachers For Tomorrow BTTC has a wide range of Teacher education programs & certificate courses

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Provost, HSNC University, Mumbai

Ideas create transition. Bombay Teachers Training College has seen the transition from an affiliated college of University of Mumbai to a Constituent College of the HSNC University Mumbai. Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else. This seamless transition has been a delightful experience.

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Vice-Chancellor, HSNC University, Mumbai

Prof. (Dr.) Hemlata Bagla (Vice Chancellor) is an accomplished academician and a pioneer educationist in strategizing excellence in institutions of higher learning. As the Director of Niranjan Hiranandani School of Management and Real Estate (NHSMRE) , she is engaged in planning, organizing and executing innovative and state of the art academic and professional courses backed up with her astute administrative experience.

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Principal BTTC

BTTC is committed to excellence and ensures comprehensive professional practices. Its programmes are diverse and inclusive, producing engaged student teachers who are involved in leadership roles. This experiential learning proves to be highly reflective and embeds values.

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Bombay Teachers’ Training College, a premier college of education, is located in South Mumbai. The college was established in April 1969 as a grant-in aid, linguistic (Sindhi) minority institution by the Hyderabad (Sindh) National Collegiate Board.

It is an English medium, co-educational institute and is a constituent college of the HSNC University, Mumbai.
The college offers teacher preparation programmes for various levels ranging from Early Childhood Education Programme, the Diploma in Elementary Education and the Bachelor of Education Programmes. It is also a centre for Doctor of Philosophy (Education).


BTTC is a centre for doctoral studies & has an active research cell, which is well equipped with extensive collection of books…

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Extension Activities

The students take up the Extension Work affiliated to the Department of LifeLong Learning, Mumbai University. 

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Teachers are encouraged to explore their unique talents and potentials and be culturally conscious.

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The Bombay Teachers’ Training College has an active Alumni Association which was registered in 2010…

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HSNC University Mumbai, Constituent Colleges & Programmes

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HSNC University Mumbai

Established. 2020

H. R. College of Commerce & Economics

Established. 1960

Kishinchand Chellaram College

Established. 1954

Bombay Teachers' Training College

Established. 1969
Field experiences
Individualized curriculum
Skill development
Advanced learning

Why Choose BTTC?

At Bombay Teachers’ Training College we believe that supervised field experiences are at the heart of our teacher education programmes. Organising enriching experiences and engaging with real-life scenarios is the best way to prepare teachers for today’s demanding environments. Field observation in institutional contexts and supervised classroom experiences give a clear edge to the beginning teacher.

Individualized curriculum

At BTTC we believe that every teacher candidate is a unique individual and needs opportunities to both develop and express their individual talents and teacher identity. Each teacher has their own strengths and unique voice which has the potential to touch the lives of the students that they teach. Our teacher education curriculum strives to keep the individual in mind.

Skill development

Diverse learning opportunities focus on developing the practical skills and the multiple facets of the teachers personality. Co-curricular activities are given as much importance as curricular activities, contributing to skill development. Students are given opportunities to develop generic life skills as well as hone specific skills related to their professional practice as teachers.

Advanced learning

Students and alumni of BTTC can leverage on the strong networking links of the college with other sister institutions of the H(S)NC Board which runs 25 educational institutions across Mumbai. The Bombay Teachers’ Training college is a constituent college of the HSNC University Mumbai which offers a wide variety of advanced learning opportunities in the form of certificate courses and educational programmes at the post-graduate level.


  • I’ve been an alumni of BTTC in 1992-93 and had the most wonderful experience in learning how to make lesson plans that connect with children right away rather than blindly teaching from a text book. The well rounded curriculum was designed to bring out our potential and to understand what it takes and the sheer dint of hard work involved to be a good teacher.

    Vandana Berjis Desai
    Governing Member of Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board
  • The academic excellence and dynamism of The Bombay Teachers’ Training College is what others aspire to emulate, particularly your fostering of reflexive and constructivist teaching learning approach. I wish you and your teams another 50 years of a very happy, constructive, fulfilling and a successful future. 

    Dr. Indu Shahani
    President & Chair: ISDI | ISME | ISDI WPP
  • The new-age mantras are re-skill or perish, update or be outdated, acquire or expire and the litancy goes on. BTTC works with this and is  known for churning out teachers par excellence. The talents in the students are unraveled, nurtured, and led to flourish and fructify. BTTC doesn’t stop at just creating teachers but leaders who in turn influence the minfs of future generations. I appreciate the efforts of the college whose uniqueness has helped shape the lives of the teacher fraternity.

    Dr. Hemlata K Bagla
    Principal of Kishinchand Chellaram College
  • From the hallowed portals of BTTC a large number of achievers, leaders and community builders have emerged to make their mark on our collective social and civic life. I am completely confident that BTTC will continue to shine its light on the next generation of leaders and remain a beacon of hope and enlightenment for all of us.

    CA Parag Thakkar
  • As I look ahead, I can visualize that the College has progressed and will continue to grow in pursuit of higher standards of teaching, research, and shape the dreams of its students. I am sure that College with its dedicated staff will continue to serve a significant role in the field of education and in the service of the country.

    Dr Kavita Lalchandani
    Principal, K. C. Law College
  • On behalf of Seva Sadan Society, a century old charity, we recently conducted campus interviews at the college to select teachers for our new English Medium School. The quality of teachers we interviewed was good and the whole interview process was organized methodically and excellent arrangements were made for the interviewing visitors. We were offered all the hospitality and help needed to carry out the interviews seamlessly.

    Guddi Advani
    President - Seva Sadan Society
  • We in the education field understand the complexity of this profession and BTTC has always produced teachers who are good in teaching pedagogy, methodology and above all ethical professional values. Diamond Jubilee High School (ICSE)- Mazgaon, is happy to be associated with this institution for its Internship and practice teaching program.

    Nutan Iyer
    Principal of Diamond Jubilee High School (ICSE)
  • I would like to mention here that the staff members of BTTC are true role models nurturing and guiding the future teachers at all the levels. At BTTC I found that they strongly believe in the Gandhian thought that the future depends on what one does in the present. Basically a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires. The teachers trained at BTTC have all the qualities of a great teacher. So our students taught by BTTC teachers are in the safe hands.

    Vrinda Malse
    Former principal, Navy Children School
  • The golden period of my life at B.T.T.C will remain etched in my mind and heart forever and ever. I must also state here that H.S.N.C.B is a very progressive and forward looking Board, always endeavouring to move with the times. They were a joy to work for, as they always treated their staff with respect and courtesy. Today, what I am, is due to the trust that Principal Kundani and Principal Parasnis had put in me, and I believe that with their blessings and guidance – I am who I am today.

    Dr. Dolly Mistry
    Former Faculty, BTTC
  • I am proud not only of the faculty, but also of all those who graduated during these golden years. Many of them have become principals and educational leaders in their own right, both here and abroad. Others have excelled in the arts and the corporate field, opening up new vistas for a new India. All have raised the banner of BTTC to great heights and the future students will aspire to even greater glory in the next golden years.

    Dr. Anuradha Patil
    Former Faculty, BTTC
  • Scaling and sustaining innovation is a challenge the institution will have to face along with digital equity, the gap between technology and pedagogy, ongoing professional development with the help of new technologies and a changing future of education. We believe our Institution is well equipped to do so, and is geared towards achieving greater laurels.

    Maya Shahani
    Chairperson, Shahani Group, Trustee, HSNC Board
  • The collaborations undertaken by BTTC with National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL), in starting Certificate Courses: Diploma and Advance Diploma, in Sindhi, are exemplary in furthering and supporting this ancient language and the Sindhi diaspora. Besides, BTTC’s continued promotion of a robust research culture, through faculty initiatives at research papers and continuously adding research appreciation course programs, are commendable initiatives that will bring excellence in its working.

    Ashok Kak
    Advisor Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board
College Alumni