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Our Vision: To Emerge as a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Webinars/Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops



 11th & 12th  March, 2024 – IQAC organized International Conference on Creating Centers of Excellence: Enabling & Empowering Teachers

  1. Day 1 Inauguration and Resource Person’s Expert Talk     2. Day 2 Resource Person’s Expert Talk 

 06th  March, 2023 – International Conference on Enriching Education : Integrating SEE Learning

  1. Day 1 Inauguration and Resource Person’s Expert Talk     2. Day 2 Valedictory Session 

 02nd September, 2023 – NCPSL Sponsored National Conference on National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Opportunities and Challenges to promote Sindhi Language and Sindhi Culture

  1. Inauguration and Resource Person’s Expert Talk     2. Technical Session
 26th to 28th July, 2023 – Workshop on Digital Film Making in Sindhi Language (Sponsored by NCPSL & Public Participation of BTTC)
08th July, 2023 – Brass Tacks of Teaching Profession (U.S.A.) : Requisite and Reflection
01st April, 2023 – Zumba & Aerobics Workshop
06th February, 2023 – Capacity building Workshop- Puppetry and its Application in Education
03rd February, 2023 – Capacity building Workshop on Conflict Management & Mental Health and Well-being
21st January, 2023 – Capacity building Workshop on Puppets as a Pedagogical Tool in Education
16th January, 2023 – Mindfulness based Stress Reduction
14th January, 2023 – Capacity building Workshop on Integrating Vocal & Instrumental Music in Education
06th January, 2023 Seminar – Talkfest on Mental Health
19th September, 2022 Seminar – Investors’ Awareness Program
04th August, 2022 Seminar – Neurons to Nation
22nd July, 2022 Film Screening – Happiness Class
20th July, 2022 Seminar – Differentiated Pedagogical Interventions
28th April, 2022 Symosium – Soft Skills
11th April, 2022 Seminar – Save Soil Movement- An Initiative to Preserve Soil through Soil Conservation
22nd-23rd March, 2022 Seminar  – Digital Film Making
10th January, 2022 Webinar  – TalkFest on Role of Women in Environment Conservation
24th December, 2021 Webinar – A December to Remember in collaboration with GDF
26th November, 2021 Webinar – Success by Science
30th October, 2021 Webinar – Diwali – Festival of Lights-Cultural Extravaganza
07th September, 2021 Webinar – Holistic Health for Happiness
06th September, 2021 Webinar – Investor Awareness Programme
28th August, 2021 Webinar – Communication with Diction and Conviction
March, 2021 Webinar Series – Fit India
Day 1 22nd February, 2021 Learn to Differentiate between Physical and Mental Hunger
Day 2 23rd February, 2021 Are you scared of fats/cholestrol/cooking oil/nuts?
Day 3 24th February, 2021 Ask the Nutritionist
17th February, 2021 Webinar Series – A Dialogue
Education: Without Borders Without Barriers
Professional Growth in Digital Marketing for Teachers
14th February, 2021 Webinar Series – Global Day of Love & Oneness in collaboration with GDF
February, 2021 Webinar Series – FDP on Resource Mobilization: Local to Global in collaboration with GHG Khalsa College of Education, Punjab
Day 1- 8th February, 2021 Session 1 Unpacking Resource Mobilization                                                            Session 2 The Art of Proposal Writing
Day 2- 9th February, 2021 Session 1 Responding to Calls for Proposals                                               Session 2 Local and International Funding Sources
Day 3- 10th February, 2021 Experiences on Travel/Resource Grant Sharing Life Beyond Obvious
Day 4- 11th February, 2021 Library as a Learning Resource Centre
Day 5- 12th February, 2021 Academic Writing for Social Sciences Research
Day 6- 13th February, 2021 Online Platforms for Showcasing & Sharing your Research
Day 2- 9th February, 2021 Session 1 Executing Project Management                                                        Session 2 Sharing Experiential Learning
06th February, 2021 Webinar –  Educational Leadership: Setting New Trends
February, 2021 Webinar Series – Online International Conference- Gender Mainstreaming: Global Perspectives
Day 1- 2nd February, 2021 Session 1 Technical Sessions                                                                     Session 2 Paper Presentations
Day 2- 3rd February, 2021 Session 1 Technical Sessions                                                                     Session 2 Paper Presentations