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Webinar Series 7 Two Week Faculty Development Programme for School Teachers
20th July, 2020 21st July, 2020 22nd July, 2020
Winning through Innovations Digital Lesson using videos and video editing Part I Digital Lesson using videos and video editing Part II
23rd July, 2020 24th July, 2020 25th July, 2020
Innovative Pedagogies One Day International Webinar on ‘Social Construction of Gender’ Exploring the Realms of Scientific Temper through Astronomy
27th July, 2020 28th July, 2020 29th July, 2020
Engaging, Evolving, Enabling: A Blended Learning Approach Energetic Yoga for Wellbeing Bringing Life to Work
30th July, 2020 31st July, 2020  
How to use Google Forms for Education ICT Tools for Virtual Classroom  
Webinar Series 6 Digital Content Creation for Social Media
6th July, 2020 7th July, 2020 8th July, 2020

Content Using Digital Media

Photoshop & Illustrator

Be a Master in Creating Flyer and Banner

Introduction to Wix

Creation of Blogs using Wix

9th July, 2020 10th July, 2020 11th  July, 2020
Learn to design magazine Instagram Masterclass Youtube Masterclass
Webinar Series 5
2nd July, 2020 3rd July, 2020 4th July, 2020
Socio-Emotional Intelligence Questioning Strategies to Develop Critical Thinking Skills. Mind Essentials During COVID 19 Pandemic
Webinar Series 4 Offerings During Challenging Times
21st June, 2020 Yoga for Health  
23rd June, 2020 Yoga for Success  
28th June, 2020 Yoga for Peace  
30th June, 2020 Intro to Inner Engineering  
Webinar Series 3 Knowledge Generation in Education during COVID19 Pandemic
1st June, 2020 2nd June, 2020 3rd June, 2020
Introduction to Qualitative Research Grounded Theory Design Content Analysis
Preparing a Qualitative Research Proposal Phenomenological Research Mixed Method Research
4th June, 2020 5th June, 2020 6th June, 2020
Case Study Research Qualitative Data Analysis Computer Applications in Qualitative Research
Developing Unstructured Tools for Qualitative Research Ethnography in Education Writing Qualitative Research Report
Webinar Series 2
11th May, 2020 Introduction to Educational Research  
12th May, 2020 Critical View of Quantitative Research  
13th May, 2020 Development of Tools  
  Review of Related Literature  
14th May, 2020 Descriptive Research  
  Sampling Techniques  
15th May, 2020 Experimental Research  
  Evaluation Research  
16th May, 2020 Inferential Analysis  
  Academic Writing  
Webinar Series 1
2nd May, 2020 Learning Management System
Referencing Tool: Mendeley
3rd May, 2020 Learning Organically, the CommYOUnication Skills
4th  May, 2020 Mindful Eating during COVID19 Pandemic
5th May, 2020 Mindfulness during Uncertain Times
6th May, 2020 How to Handle Stress during Lockdown Period
7th May, 2020 EYE : Is there ever a Lockdown?
COVID : Where are we today and life in future?
8th May, 2020 Yoga for Health and Healing