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LENS Series

The LENS Series - Learning Experientially Novel Strategies (since 2007)

We live in a world, which is heavily influenced by mass media. Popular culture such as films, television, drama, music lyrics and books often present educational themes in fascinating ways.

The LENS Series was introduced in 2007-08, with the intention of drawing lessons from popular culture while making learning a joyful experience for the student teacher. The analysis of popular culture through the lens of the educationist was conceived of as a great way of introducing multiple perspectives about discourses that surround teachers and teaching.

The practice also intended to provide opportunities for student teachers to focus on novel strategies. The series marked a shift from traditional lecture based teaching to experience-based learning. An added feature was getting student teachers comfortable with the use of multimedia and technology.

The practice was also conceptualized to encourage reflective practice among teachers, while aiming at high interest levels. The practice involves the process of integrating elements of popular culture with the learning process. Learning is intended to take place through team teaching as well as greater involvement of students. An attempt is made to correlate topics from different papers.

Reflecting on personal experience and engagement of students in discussion is also an important component of this practice. The outcome of the practice has thus far been very encouraging in terms of the response we have received from the students.

The practice encourages reflection, new perspectives, discussion and healthy debate. Communication skills are developed and students actively participate and put forward their points of view.