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Cultural Kaleidoscope (since 2005)

Cultural Kaleidoscope Festival of Lights: A Celebration
November 10, 2020

 Education, to be effective and result-oriented has to be culture-based. It must take into account the cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs of the student. This can only be achieved by linking education with culture, which is the focus of this best practice.

Following the initial training programme in 2005, the institution had been gifted a Cultural Kit by the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT). We wished to put the kit and the training received to good use. As a result, we were inspired to initiate a cultural education programme in the college.

The practice was initiated in this context from 2005 – 2006. The institution has designed a Model of Cultural Education. An orientation seminar is conducted about the importance of Cultural Education and the components of the CCRT gifted Cultural Kit. Students are familiarized with various activities that can be presented like dance, music, narrative art forms, drama, puppetry, etc.

The students are then divided into four or five groups and one cultural region is allotted to each group. The students prepare a cultural presentation on the particular region of India, based on their own research and with the help of the items in the CCRT Cultural Kit.

The practice has developed an understanding and appreciation of the philosophy, aesthetics and beauty inherent in Indian Art and Culture among the student teachers, school children and even the faculty members. The student teachers have made effective use of CCRT Kit and created awareness among Secondary School students about our rich heritage.

The practice has also given student teachers an opportunity for team work and led to a constructivist approach and experiential learning. . The activity has its roots in respecting cultural diversity which also forms the basis of inclusive education.