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Name : Jayesh Bahirwani 

B.Ed.  2002 – 03

HOD – Math at Lilavatibai Podar Sr. Sec. School ( ICSE )

Currently , Visiting Math faculty at MAS

BTTC  gives an equal opportunity to all who enroll and it provides a good platform to perform . Unbiased staff makes this place to reckon with. It trains you for life and education. Holistic development of any student is assured. B.Ed course when done from BTTC  makes you stand out while applying to schools . Now , it is time to give back by conducting a few workshops for BTTC on an honorary basis of course.


Name : Manjiri Rane (Mrs. Manasi Chavan)

Batch : 2003 – 04 

Current Institution: HOD of Mathematics, St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, Mumbai.

To be a Teacher was always my dream, but BTTC has helped me to be one of the best teacher. It was just10 months’ time which changed me from being just a Graduate to a Professional Degree Holder. But more than a degree BTTC has given me the ability to look forward, something that used to scare me. In fact, the unknown has always been a real fear for me. I like having a plan and knowing what the future holds, but you taught me that sometimes the best surprises in life are…well, surprises. So thank you for giving me the courage to be bold and take those opportunities when they arose. Thank you for not letting me hold myself back for the fear of failure. Thank you for the memories you have given me and the ones I will make because of you.

Million thanks to my mentors who had instilled the values of love and serving the most important people of the society – children – our future generation.




BATCH: – 2003-2004



My journey with BTTC started from the day I enrolled for the B.Ed. course in the year 2003-2004, As we progressed with the course we came to know how lucky we were to have lovely teachers who shaped our future and made us the sparkling diamonds what we are today. I remember each and every teacher at BTTC and till date have continued to be in their touch. I am very happy that I was associated with BTTC College as it helped me gain deep knowledge in the teaching process which helped me shape my career.

We were the luckiest batch where we got the opportunity to learn about ECCE course along with the B.Ed. that year. Life at BTTC was simply superb, great and the most beautiful memories that I have till date. With years passing by, my bond with BTTC grew stronger when I got the opportunity to conduct art & craft workshops for them and also organized an orientation programme on Pranic Healing and Twin heart meditation.

Indeed BTTC has helped me to shape up my career in a much brighter way. Hats off to all the efforts of the teachers at BTTC. Thank you so much BTTC. DIVINE GRATITUDE FOR ALL MY TEACHERS. I WISH LOADS OF LUCK AND BEST WISHES FOR ALL THE FUTURE ENDEAVORS OF BTTC and would love to contribute in whichever way I can. LOADS OF LOVE TO ALL MY SWEET TEACHERS.


Kajal Manglani 

Batch 2004-05

International School Singapore/Faculty IB DP Chemistry, MYP Science, Vocational Service learning Coordinator, Singapore

It’s been more than a decade since I was a student of BTTC but the memories of teachers and activities are still fresh in my mind. During my first week of joining, I felt so touched by the warmth of our dear Dr. M. Lulla Madam who was an embodiment of kindness, something so important to be a teacher and a good human being. In addition to our teaching lessons in school, there were so many events that provided opportunities for expressing ourselves. I was amazed when I got to know about and participated in the inter-college Sindhi songs and dance competition in K.C. College which I had never ever imagined about and feel so proud about it now! Another best memory is the trip to a school in Uran which made me think about the fact that we should always think of giving back to the community and during all these years, I have been contributing to the service learning programs in schools which is at the heart of IB education. All the lessons from the classes of ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Educational Psychology’ have been my routine practices as an IB Chemistry and Science educator for the past 15 years. BTTC is a great platform that not only helps us seek formal teaching qualifications but provides insights to our life as a teacher and gives you courage and strength to move ahead with confidence. I will be grateful to all my teachers of BTTC for their immense support, uncounted hours of dedication towards us and the warmth they provided every day to enlighten our paths! It’s all that I will cherish forever. 


Name: Nishi Kumar

BED 2005-2006

Assistant Professor in St. Xavier’s Institute of Education 

I joined the BEd course for one year in the year 2005 – 2006.  I took English and geography pedagogy.  Today whatever I am I owe it to my alma mater.   The teachers taught everything so well that whatever they taught is vivid in my memory. I am very fortunate that I got an opportunity to work as a lecturer in BTTC for a year.  It helped me to clear the State Eligibility Test (SET). I worked as a teacher in many states of India.  For the last 10 years I am working for St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, thanks to BTTC for shaping my career.




2nd rank  in BTTC

1st rank in SCI/ MATHS group.


I Have 23 years experience of teaching board class. BTTC–is not only a name but a pride to our profession.Today whatever i have owed to my institution is a gift that i got from BTTC.

BTTC not only exposes us to a platform but also prepares us to sustain that and move ahead. The staff , management are so good and down to earth that we feel ourselves blessed to be its alumina. I was given all opportunities to showcase my talent in BTTC.Today I proudly tell my students I am aluminia of BTTC. It’s that college culture which I have inherited , I am passing  to them.

Thank you so much for shaping me into what I am today.


Sneha Negandhi

D.E.C.E 2002-03 & B.Ed. 2008-09

Freelancer: Business Management and Mathematics Teacher

My time with BTTC went by like a dream. A lot of learning, a lot of life experiences, a lot of hands-on training and of course, the time as Joint Secretary in D.E.C.E. Having attended two programmes, D.E.C.E. and B.Ed. I can surely say that BTTC makes you come back to it when you want to enhance your teaching skills. The confidence that gets built in you through the programme and peer learning, makes you stand out when you are out there in educational institutes as a professional. Beyond this, the hand holding that you get from the teachers and the staff alike, makes you feel welcome in the institute. It is heartening to see the institute adapting and upgrading immensely with the changing times!


Name :Shweta Akhani 

Batch :2009-10

Currently working as a professor teaching chemistry to MSc students at SNDT. 

BTTC the name itself fills me up with fond memories of micro teaching methods , teaching aids and lesson plans. 

Today when I am told by my students that my teaching style is unique and effective,  it reminds me of how my mentors at BTTC helped me to shape and mold my teaching skills .

Going through ups and downs,  highs and lows along these years , i am always reminded that I have a second home to go back to where i am assured to receive lots of love, blessings and correct guidance. Even today BTTC continues with the same ethos , lighting the path for hundreds of budding teachers. Also, faculty upgradation programs at all levels is the USP of BTTC which makes it the best institution in the field of education. 

I would like to thank the entire BTTC family and HSNC board to have given me this opportunity to be a part of this lovely,  progressive and helpful family .

Regards shweta akhani



B.Ed – 2009-10 

Pedagogies – English and History

Currently Teaching at St.Joseph’s High School,Agripada.Mumbai.

M.A.(Eng.Litt.),M.A.(Edu.) B.Ed.

Since childhood, it was my dream to become a teacher,I grew up looking at my teachers in school.After returning home from school and college l used to imitate my teachers in front of the mirror of my mom’s cupboard and its door became my Board.

I always used to write with a yellow chalk but never knew why this particular colour was always used.After completing my I.C S.E.in 1999. I started giving tuitions,which inturn grew more interested in teaching.My dream took shape in 2009.when I stepped for the first time in BTTC.I still remember the day, where the elevator was very crowded with students.

When I reached the 7th floor, for the first time I saw a very big,broad classroom which can accomodate 100 at a time.BTTC is a place where my dream came true.Finally,I got my answer to the question of using yellow chalks and many other things that I had seen in my young days.This college not only taught me the various methodologies in teaching but also made me very confident to step on the stage and face the audience.Frankly speaking BTTC gave me an opportunity to show my inborn talent of dance on its dais.This is a place where I Polished my Technical skills too and became an extrovert too.The teachers had really enhanced my communication skills and had also developed immense confidence in me as a teacher of English and Social Sciences.

It’s been 11 years in St.Joseph’s and the love and respect that I am getting today from my students and their parents is all because of BTTC.Had I not joined this great institution I wouldn’t have learnt the art of teaching and what I am today wouldn’t have been possible. I completely owe it to my Alma mater. I know, I can write volumes but ultimately I had to put a full stop to it.

Just want to conclude by saying..

A very big Thank you to all my  teachers at BTTC  for making me what I am today ……Yes,a teacher and I proudly say that I am a part and product of BTTC….


Azmin Mistry Vania

Batch of 2011

Teacher and Performing Arts Team Leader 


BTTC will be one of my most memorable journeys as a learner. More than classroom discussions, I enjoyed my time as General Secretary organising and participating in all the cocurricular events. I will never forget the support I received from the faculty when I had got burnt and was hospitalized for over a month. Every single teacher here cares and motivates even the ones who lack the ability to dare! From competing to compereing, simulations to research projects, from being a student to being invited to conduct sessions, it will always be my special place! Thank you BTTC for contributing and enriching my learning journey!


Name : Urmila Chakraborty

E.C.C.E – 2011-12 (General Secretary)

Currently Early Years Main Teacher and Junior Kindergarten Team Leader in B.D. Somani International School for the past 8 years. 

Message: As a child, I was no different than other young children who  stood in front of mirrors and enacted the roles of their teachers.

I followed my dreams after nine years of working in the corporate sectors. I still remember the day when I took the  crowded elevator filled with fellow classmates to reach the 7th floor hall. BTTC helped me to turn my dream into reality, helped me to develop various skills such as organization, social, and technical skills. It also enhanced my communication skills and  developed an immense confidence within me as a teacher – This comes out in the recognition that the parents and colleagues have given me in the past 8 years in B. D. Somani International School,  and the love that the children have showered me with. The  credit, almost entirely and unambiguously, goes to my teachers in BTTC. 

I sincerely thank my mentors in BTTC.


Ms. Nilofer Sarang

B.Ed. Batch: 2016-2018

Currently working with Wilson College, BMS Dept.

It has been rightly said, good things take time to happen.

This is how my journey at BTTC started ..when I had to  wait for a  year because I decided to only get the degree from BTTC. I am fortunate enough that my dream came true. The teachers have always  guided and inspired me in  moulding my personality.BTTC is the place where I learn to transform my passion into a profession.

All good things are worth waiting for !