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Our Vision: To Emerge as a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Provost’s Desk

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Dr. Niranjan HiranandaniProvost HSNC University Mumbai

As I pen down my vision, dream and hopes for our new academic venture, I look back at the stalwarts of the HSNC Board who have left behind a legacy in their journey, and I am filled with awe. How did they effortlessly set up such edifices of education that – even today – stand mute testimony of their devotion!

Today as we take a historic step together towards our new HSNC University, I feel humbled and confident at the same time! Humbled for I take the weight of expectations on my shoulders but confident for I have the support of the entire staff, the vision inherited from our ancestors and above all an honest intention to make sure that our HSNC University will offer an environment that fosters competitiveness, creative thinking and innovation.

In the years to come the HSNC University will prove to be a giant leap for students and teachers. And this venture of ours has been possible only because of the higher education reforms of RUSA – the Rashtriya Uchater Shikshan Abhyan which as we all know is an apex body under the Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India and the Govt. of Maharashtra. Full credit to RUSA for the radical initiative to bring in Cluster University, to overcome the lacunae in the existing university system. It is a step in the right direction to steer India towards greater Global academic standards and eventually towards economic independence.

Our three sterling colleges – H.R., K.C. and Bombay Teachers’ Training College – all “A” grade institutions, are acknowledged as role models to other colleges because of their academic, cultural, research and outreach programs. As a result, we realized that we had to take the lead role in revamping the system of education from a conventional program to a more dynamic one. An education program that is trans-disciplinary and liberal in its approach.

A good university not only provides huge opportunities but also broadens the mind of the students to explore new things. And our HSNC university will ensure that this principle is kept alive. We have already started our journey by opening up the curriculum reforms and bringing in greater autonomy in the designing of the syllabi. Our curriculum is not only endorsed by reputed universities but also industry approved. As a result, when our students graduate, opportunities will be in reverse mode – companies will come to seek our students for they will be synchronised with the needs of the industry. Our students will have no dearth of job opportunities.

Most students are youngsters whose lives are changing rapidly – they have flown the nest, they have started a new education, are meeting new people and are in the process of setting up a path they can walk on confidently. Statistics show that 89% of prospective students want a tech-savvy institution. And that is the path our HSNC University will tread on – Education 4.0.

Today we have Industry 4.0, Health 4.0 – all using internet-based technology and it is time for us to bring in this advancement in education. The current generation students do not wish to be in traditional classrooms learning from teachers using textbooks, pens, papers. With Education 4.0 students can sign into classrooms though online courses. This kind of education will ensure that the teaching experience is similar to the working experience they will eventually face through the use of technology. We must keep pace with the world in training our students for them to have safe futures. We all are aware that students have high benchmarks from the kind of education they seek – we need to be a university that provides high satisfaction to all our stakeholders. More importantly, we need to be a university that does not expect students to fit into a preconditioned course. We must cater to the individual need of the student. And we have already taken a step forward in this direction by starting a new School of Yoga as well as of Performing Arts – Kathak and Bharatnatyam and School of Music, both vocal and instrumental. This is in addition to the much-in-demand School of Law.

But all of this is possible because of our strong backbone which is a high concentration of talented faculty members that all our three colleges possess. Our teachers will occupy a role of prominence in the new University. They have already formulated the courses keeping in mind current trends. Teachers will be in the driving seat. We are not looking at the mundane role of a teacher. Finally, they will get to teach students instead of teaching only the curriculum! Education 4.0 will really benefit the faculty members because they will be able to better serve students specific needs. They will save time because many of their processes will be automated and they can use their time to do what they like – attend seminars, start new research, become members of the Board of Studies, be mentors and research guides and consultants and gain financial benefits from it too. Teachers will get opportunities to forge significant national and International linkages – for their and the student’s enhancement.

I remain a votary of change. Yes, we will face challenges. But none of them will be insurmountable if we have the collective intention and the right attitude. Let us remember that as educators we owe a responsibility to the society and the Nation. We have already taken a modest step in that direction through our Skill Development Program. It is now time to show our resolve towards the National Mission. We are strong in will and we will be unyielding in pursuing our goals.

We have taken the first step towards our metamorphosis but as Robert Frost said – we have “miles to go before we sleep.”