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Bombay Teachers' Training College

Re-accredited 'A' Grade By NAAC.
Our Vision: To Emerge as a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education


Maintenance of Campus Facilities

As an institution we are not only concerned with bricks and mortar, but also student and staff well-being. Effective institutional maintenance protects capital investment, ensures the health and safety of students and supports educational performance.

Being located in prime South Mumbai area, we meet the challenges of maintenance and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities. The college is proactive in developing and implementing a facilities plan for dealing with these inevitabilities. Thus, the college lays down policies and procedures for effective facilities maintenance. The consequences of an ill-conceived maintenance policy and procedure affect teaching and learning, student and staff health, day-to-day building operations, and the long-range fiscal outlook of the organization.

Facilities maintenance is concerned about more than just resource management. It aims at providing clean and safe environments for students. It is also about creating a physical setting that is appropriate and adequate for learning. Facilities maintenance and utilization builds the foundation of physical, educational and financial of the institution and should, therefore, be a focus of both day-to-day operations and long-range functioning.

The facilities plan follows the procedure:

  • Survey of the present condition
  • Prepare budget costs to needs
  • Send the requisition to the management
  • Arrange the financing
  • Executing the facilities plan (operate, maintain, optimally utilize and promote facilities and services to efficiently and effectively support the instructional programs)
  • Auditing of the plan

Library Facility

The Bombay Teachers’ Training College Library supports education and research at BTTC through its collection of printed and electronic information. We are subscribing to N-List database from INFLIBNET where students can access E-books and E-journal from anywhere, any time. Our reading room–cum–library provides facilities for individual study. We also have a considerable collection of academic resources in various formats such as print, audio and video CDs.  The Library subscribes to journals from reputed publishers in the field of education such as NCERT, NCTE, IGNOU, NUEPA etc.          


Coverage of content on copyrights and publications and how to access open publications for research as well as teaching-learning purpose. 

The library opens on all working days of the college from 9am to 5. 40pm.The BTTC library is automated with SOUL software and the entire collection is bar coded. The Library provides computers with internet connection to students to facilitate learning. The library also subscribes to one international journal “Journal of Teacher Education” from Sage publications and four online journals from Imangers. 

LMS (bttc.shiksha)

The librarian operates two courses viz. Faculty Resource Sharing and Learning Resources on the institutional LMS (bttc.shiksha).


The students of B.Ed. and D.El.Ed. Ed are provided Book Bank facility where 90% of D.El.Ed. students and 30% of B.Ed. students avail this facility every year.


From 9.am to 5.40pm on all working days

Members must show their Library Card on entering the Library, while borrowing. Books and journals and at any time if asked to do so by the Library Staff.

Every member must sign the Register available at the entrance. Personal reading materials must be specifically indicated in the Register and shown to the Library attendant while entering and exiting from the Library

A Non-member can use the library material on the premises with the permission the Principal


Every borrower is supposed to check the pages of the book before getting it issued.  The last borrower shall be held responsible if the book is found damaged.  If a borrower loses the book, he shall have to pay the market price plus replacing charges.


Anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the library would be liable to lose the privilege of Library Membership. Facility of issuing books for home reading can be suspended if a borrower is in the habit of retaining books overtime.

Computer Laboratory

The college has a well-equipped computer laboratory with Internet connection and wifi facilities. The laboratory has 25 personal computers with the latest configurations especially for use by the students. Each computer is equipped with a set of headphones.

The laboratory is utilised for conducting hands-on for Critical Understanding of ICT course. The students use the lab for creating e-resources, digital lesson plans, submission of assignments, e-portfolio, presentations, etc.

Rules for Computer Laboratory

When you are in the computer lab, you are in a CLASSROOM. BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY!

  • Students are not allowed to bring bags, food and beverages inside the laboratory. Chewing gum, eating, drinking, smoking, littering is prohibited inside the computer laboratory.
  • Users are responsible for saving their documents on their own flash drives, any information saved or installed on the systems hard drive will be deleted once the Computer is rebooted (restarted).
  • No one is allowed to alter or delete configuration settings of any computer laboratory equipment. Tampering, deleting or modifying CMOS/BIOS settings, IP Configuration, system parameters, or system files stored in the hard disk are strictly prohibited.
  • Accessing Pornographic, Gambling, Hate/Discrimination, torrent and other unsafe sites is strictly prohibited.
  • Users are not allowed to install, update or download any software in any computers inside the laboratories. It is also prohibited the users to boot from any bootable devices to run software in any computers in the laboratory. In cases that there is need to install, update or download software or boot from other device the instructor must seek for the approval of the head of IT Department.
  • Playing games are not allowed inside the computer laboratory, this includes video games, card games and other games. However, in cases of the topic is related to games the instructor must inform the faculty/computer instructor.
  • Proper computer laboratory etiquette must be observed;
  • Ensure that no trash is left behind.
  • Turn-off computer units and arrange the computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard and headset) after use.
  • Keep sound levels to a minimum.
  • Chairs must be returned properly to its original places
  • Orderly dismissal must be observed by the instructor and the class.

Language Laboratory

The existing laboratory also doubles as a language laboratory which is used for nurturing English language proficiency and communication skills of our student teachers. Wordsworth – English Language lab learning software is installed on a college server along with 25 client computers.

Psychological Laboratory

The institution has a psychological laboratory equipped with psychological tests and experiments. The faculty in charge conducts the psychological experiments. The students utilise the psychological tests for research-based projects under the guidance of the faculty.

Class Rooms

The weekly time table reflects the utilization of the classrooms programme wise. The classrooms are used for academic as well as for co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The classrooms are also utilized for conducting seminars/workshops/guest lecture/co-curricular activities etc. 

The classrooms maintenance is alloted floor wise to the support staff who ensures the cleanliness and hygiene in the classrooms.